Gramercy Kitchen Company Sous Vide Immersion Circulator

-Cook time vs temp toggles back and forth on the smaller LED screen when the machine is programmed and running.
-Maximum temperature is 100C/212F.
-Yes it will. Clamp is adjustable and unit can either sit flat into pot or be suspended inside the pot without resting on the bottom.
-it was designed for US voltage of 110-120V only.
-our unit doesnt have a delayed start option.
-It will maintain room temperature or if you add ice to the water it can circulate that to chill the water. However it does not actively chill water.
-We have an adjustable clamp which will fit any of the containers on the market. Not sure about the rack as those are customized to the container BUT our unit will leave room for the rack that is specifically fitted to the particular container.
-The minimum water depth is 2.5".

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