-Wearing the provided gloves, you need to lift the metal cutting platform, line up the dial with the top of the machine, and gently lift up on the dial.
-It is 3” deep and the part that attaches to food is 5.5x5.5
-No it doesn't do a waffle cut.
-It isn’t designed for cutting meat.
-Yes, its very good for potato chips. Use one of the thinnest settings for slicing and you can experiment with your desired thickness, whether you like them thinner or more thick for a kettle cooked potato chip.
-Thickness goes from 9mm to paper thin. It does cut sweet potatoes but we suggest softening them in the microwave first.
-9mm thickest slice. Cucumbers yes, tomatoes (unless they are firm) are tricky with this and any mandoline. But this one can do them as long as you slice quickly and firmly across the slicing platform using the food holder.

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