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Are you ready to look good, feel good, and do good - all at the same time? It’s time for you to experience our top-quality, machine-washable reusable bags that look beautiful, last for years, and keep plastic out of our oceans.

Once you’ve met the gold standard of reusable grocery bags, you’ll never go back.

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!
1-Year Worry-Free Warranty


Thousands of Happy Shoppers Can’t Stop Raving


So much easier and better for the world

“I bought these because I wanted to try and be more ‘green.’ I quickly realized we've all been missing out. Heavy items never break through the bags. The bags don't ever split randomly. Cans don't roll out of the bag and hide under a car seat. Plastic bags actually cause us so many annoying things but we're so used to dealing with them we don't think about it. You'll win on every level.”

- Izzy B.

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By far the very, very best!!

“I've tried every kind of reusable grocery bag out there and these are by far the very best! Sturdy, stays cleaner longer with just a simple wipe down, collapsible and space saving. I bought more after the first 4 and now have enough to keep in both vehicles and use them for all sorts of things.”

- Ellen A.

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Buy these & stop using plastic!

“I bought similar totes at a grocery store but they had the logo on them (ugly) and the sides and bottom were made of cardboard rather than recycled plastic. These look nicer and are washable which makes them even more versatile and long-lasting.”

- Victoria S.

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Great investment!

“I've been using these for over a month now, and I love them! They stay upright in the trunk of my car and all fit in the shopping cart. Very durable, and they can hold my weekly groceries with no problem.”

- Traci S.

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Your New Favorite Way to Shop Green
(+ Look Great Doing It!)

Machine Washable

Most “reusable” bags turn into 3 or 4 use bags because they’re not washable, so they turn into trash as soon as they get dirty. Gramercy Kitchen Co. reusable bags are made with an eco-friendly water-repellent film, making our bags not only easily washable, but machine-washable!

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Feat Image 1

Luxury Living

The only thing better than positively contributing to our environment is doing so in a way that makes your life more organized, simple, and convenient. The cherry on top? You’ll be looking as good as you feel with beautiful luxury design features like gold rivets, sleek colors, and a faux leather patch.

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Eco-Friendly & Convenient

Other reusable bags use cardboard inserts that are ruined when wet, so they are non-washable and you have to trash them when anything spills inside or on them. Our bags are made with special recycled, machine-washable plastic reinforcements that are good for the earth and your wallet!

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Lasts For Years

These bags have been carefully designed with the most premium materials to give you damage-free, carrying help that will last for years to come. Easily capable of holding 30+ pounds without issue, you won’t be re-buying these month after month!

Easy, Hassle-Free
Shopping with Eco-Friendly
Reusable Grocery Bags

Stop wasting time and money on bags that barely help you and always hurt Planet Earth. Let’s face it: carrying around ugly bags that can barely hold your groceries and have to be constantly thrown out because of their cheap cardboard inserts is stealing your dollars and your sanity.

Take back your time so you can focus on the things that matter most, and look great while you do it!


Available in:


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!
1-Year Worry-Free Warranty


Eco-friendly: Bags that look better in your hands than on the ocean floor

The average family uses 1500 plastic grocery bags per year and EACH plastic bag takes 500+ years to degrade in a landfill. Made from only eco-friendly materials, Gramercy Kitchen Co. reusable grocery bags will last for years & look great while doing so.

Long-term savings: Quit replacing reusable bags & paying for single-use

Paying over and over again for bags is like throwing money out the window. They’re often barely able to hold the weight you need, rip & ruin easily thanks to cheap materials, and the only way to get rid of them means you’re adding more plastic to our landfills. Buy once and our bags will last you for years to come.

Easily washable: No more ruined bags from spills

Bags are supposed to make your life easier so you don’t need to carry items one-by-one. But when you’re stuck trying to wash them or replace them, they do more harm than good. In fact, most reusable bags use cardboard inserts that get ruined when wet so washing them is completely impossible! You can easily wash Gramercy Kitchen Co. bags by hand or in a cold, gentle cycle in your washing machine.

Quick loading: Easy for you to self-pack groceries during COVID-19 restrictions

The rigid structure of these bags make loading extra easy! The bags will stay open and upright while you load, and nothing will tip over in your trunk as you drive home. Plus, storing them in the trunk of your car allows you to use them for road trips, sports, & more! (Ps. Most stores are allowing reusable bags in-store again! Please check with your local store policy for any specifics.)

Gramercy Kitchen Reusable Bags: Quality & Style Unlike The Rest

Plastic, single-use bags don’t stand a chance and, frankly, neither do the other reusable bags in the market. Gramercy Kitchen Reusable Grocery Bags are the only ones in the market that are completely washable, with a sleek and modern design, available in sets of both 3 & 4.

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Other Reusable
Machine Washable for Easy Cleaning table check or cross table check or cross
Sets of 3 & 4 to Fit Your Needs table check or cross table check or cross
Modern Design Features to Match Your Style table check or cross table check or cross
Rigid Sides & Bottom for Easy Loading table check or cross table check or cross
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Buy Once, Save Your Wallet & Our Ecosystem For Years table check or cross table check or cross

Creating More Time
for the Moments
That Matter

Gramercy Kitchen Company is a family-owned business on a mission to make your life easier through beautiful, useful products that allow you to spend more time with your loved ones.

Our goal is to create stylish, carefully-designed products which help transform the necessities of life into simple, enjoyable experiences. We hope to make your trips to the grocery store faster, the moments spent carrying goods easier, and the hassles of cleaning and repurchasing non-existent.

We thrive off of creating great products with great care, and we hold our products to the highest standards. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, we’ll make it right - no questions asked.

Isn't it time to make grocery shopping fun,
simple, and eco-friendly?

Still have questions?
We’ve got answers!

How do I wash or clean these bags?

Our bags are coated with water repellant film, so they’ll naturally stay cleaner longer than others. If you do need to wash after a spill, you can wash either by hand or in a cold, gentle cycle in your washing machine. Please make sure to lay flat to dry, as we do not recommend machine drying.

What is your worry-free warranty?

Gramercy Kitchen Co. strives to create complete customer satisfaction, period. Our customers mean much more to us than our sales! If you are unhappy with your reusable bags for any reason, we will replace or refund your order. Zero questions asked. We also love to help out however we can by answering any questions you may have, so please never hesitate to reach out.

Will these bags be usable at grocery stores with COVID-19 policies?

Yes! The vast majority of grocery stores across the country are allowing reusable grocery bags like ours to be used. Some stores require you to bag your own groceries and, thanks to the rigid structure, these bags make it extra easy! The structure will stay open and upright while you load, and nothing will tip over in your trunk as you drive home. If you’re not unsure about policies in your area, please check in with your specific grocery store.

These bags seem more expensive than others I’ve seen, why is that?

At face value, our bags come off as a bit more expensive than others in the market. But truth be told, our reusable bags save you tons of time, money, and stress in the long run.

Most reusable bags use cheap cardboard inserts that are easily ruined in a short amount of time and if you spill in your bags, the cardboard makes these bags unwashable. Not only do these cost you money each time you need to replace them ($8-$10 each, an average of 6+ times a year = $50+), but they cost you time and stress.

Have you spent 20 minutes trying to spot clean a disgusting, ugly reusable bag? Have you ever experienced a bag handle snapping while full of groceries? Thanks to premium materials and long-term durability, you never will experience those pains with Gramercy Kitchen Co. reusable bags!