Our Story


used to express surprise or gratitude. From the French 'grand merci', meaning great thanks.

Our Story

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Welcome to Gramercy Kitchen Company - we're here to help you savor mealtime again

A newly launched kitchen and dining brand, we are here to provide you with the tools you need to make every day a dinner party. We believe that whether for a handful, a crowd or just yourself, crafting a healthy, delicious meal can connect you to the stuff that matters.

We named our company 'Gramercy Kitchen' because we are grateful. Grateful for our lives, for those we love, for the ways in which we have been blessed. Our hope at Gramercy Kitchen Co is to amplify those blessings for ourselves and others, by way of something as common place as meal time.

But our ethos was born out of a frustration

Every single night, there is a new meal to be made. Even if we had a long, hard day of work, more work awaited us at home. Cooking yet another meal felt like a chore. One more thing to do in a day full of shoulds and have-tos.

The time we craved to relax, to be with those we love, to unwind after a long, stressful day... that time was monopolized by the burden of cooking yet another meal.

The moment we stepped in the door, it was time to start dinner. 45 minutes later, the meal was done and it was time to eat. Then the dishes. And then, we put our kids to bed, collapsed in a heap on the couch, and vegged out for an hour or two before it was time to go to bed. In order to wake up and do it all again.

But what if those after work, before bed hours could be infused with more?

What if we could be freed up to connect with loved ones during those hours?

Or if you're on your own for an evening, what if there were a chance to unwind and reconnect with ourselves? Meal-making could be an opportunity to be creative and to make something satisfying with our hands.

We Believe That...

dinner by yourself shouldn't amount to almond butter licked off a spoon staring into a half-empty refrigerator.

Families can deepen their connections during a shared nightly meal time.

Gourmet-quality food doesn't have to be hard to make.

Hosting a meal in your home for people you love shouldn't take three weeks of planning and three hours of harried meal prep.

With the right kitchen tools, all this becomes more accessible.

That's where we come in. We exist to provide innovative, ingenious, or simply useful kitchen tools to those seeking to create this kind of space in their life.

Time saving, meal saving, sanity saving kitchen tools. To make your life easier, to help you enjoy your loved ones, to make the fruit of your labor even more delicious.

Because we believe in bringing gramercy to meal time