Portable Handheld Cold Smoke Infuser

Portable Handheld Cold Smoke Infuser

Effortlessly enhance any kind of food or drink with a natural smoky flavor with our mini cold smoker. Our portable, handheld smoker is easy to use and comes with all the accessories you need to elevate any meal. Comes complete with our signature cold smoker, wood chips, special brush, screwdriver and replacement screens for cleaning and a black velvet storage bag to keep your set together. If you love sous vide accessories, it will also preserve the perfect edge-to-edge cooking of meats by adding a smoky aroma.
  • HOW WE'RE DIFFERENT: Take your meats (especially sous vide meats!), charcuterie boards and craft cocktails up to the next level! We offer the most convenient solution for adding incredible smoky flavor and aroma to food & drink - including a durable velvet storage bag EXCLUSIVE to our product (like the one included with our Sous Vide Immersion Circulator). Perfect for storing under the counter - never lose your injection hose or wood chips!
  • ELEGANTLY SIMPLE: Our handheld smoke infuser is engineered to the perfect size for smoking your meals and drinks with cool INDOOR smoke, transforming your gourmet kitchen skills. Too cold outside to smoke your rack of ribs? Not enough time to smoke a delicious week-night meal? Our portable, handheld smoker fixes that - in as little as two minutes. If you love sous vide, it will also preserve the perfect edge-to-edge cooking of meats and adding smoky aroma of wood.
  • BONUSES! You'll receive a downloadable recipe guide filled with tips and recipes for craft cocktails, sous vide meats, and appetizer spreads. Also, we are building a growing library of some of the best at-home gourmet recipes around. You'll get free online access - make sure to watch your inbox!
  • CUSTOMER CARE PROMISE: GKC strives to create complete customer satisfaction, period. Reach out to us anytime, for any reason so we can help solve any problems that arise - our customers are more important than sales. And if we can’t we will replace or refund your order - zero questions asked. We also love to help out by recommending recipes, answering questions and being a resource as you use our products to make the best imaginable food. Please don’t hesitate to reach out - we love to help!
  • WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO: At GKC, we love to cook. We use our products daily and we only use the best. We provide the exact same for our customers. We offer the most convenient devices to add the finest culinary touches to your prepared meals and drinks. PROFESSIONAL QUALITY CONSTRUCTION - our GKC Portable Infusion Smoker is made of sturdy and easy to clean aluminum & rugged professional-grade plastic. Specially designed chamber for just the right amount of wood chips for smoking.

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