Who is Gramercy Kitchen Company?

Who is Gramercy Kitchen Company?

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Owner, Alex Mills, shares more about the mission and guiding principles behind the brand Gramercy Kitchen Co.

At Gramercy Kitchen Company, we sell kitchen tools (and we think they’re some of the best out there), but we do connection. We believe that moments of connection over a meal with those we love add meaning and purpose and enrich the lives of everyone they touch.

So to that end, we make kitchen tools that create ease for those seeking these types of experiences for themselves and those they love. Our kitchen tools are really the vehicle to help deliver what we’re truly all about - creating connection with those we love. And, we believe these kinds of connections happen beautifully over a meal.

That said, we are painfully aware of how challenging it can be to create this in our everyday lives. It is no secret that we live over-scheduled, over-stressful, over-challenging existences. And in our moments of downtime, plenty of us choose to numb out with binge watching whatever... or over-eating, over-stimulating our minds, and over-scheduling our days.

We live lives packed to the gills with all the things - and it often pushes out what we crave the most, underneath it all. Unhurried, connected moments with those we love where we feel seen, understood and valued for who we are.

And while there are so many ways to create that, one way that’s been working for a long time is doing this over a meal. But, America’s culture of mealtime isn’t necessarily conducive to what will truly nourish us.

What's under the surface of our microwave mealtime culture? Why is a reheated frozen thing and checking out in front of a screen adequate to nourish our loved ones - physically, mentally and relationally? When did taking care of our bodies through eating become a chore or a way to numb out? Our bodies are a divinely created, walking miracle, deserving of more than tastes-good-now but hurts-later meal times. Our mealtimes don’t work for us.

Confession time. I’ll go first…

On my worst nights, I rush our three-year-old daughter through her dinner so I can get her to bed. Our family doesn’t usually eat together as corralling a wiggly toddler while I’m trying to eat dinner hasn’t exactly worked well for us. After her bedtime, I often finish cooking our dinner. Sometimes it’s 8pm before I actually eat. Our busy day and my daughter’s bedtime routine has usually completely depleted me - so finishing dinner is the last thing I want to do. So I rush through the last of that, eat whatever meal those efforts produced while swiping up, left and right on my phone, leaving just enough time to binge watch my latest “thing” on Netflix before I go to bed and do everything all over again.

That's the truth of it – more often than I care to admit, that's my personal meal time experience.

And my hunch is that my experience mirrors that of a lot of folks out there.

But, there’s a better way. We’ve all had times when we finish a meal and we feel grounded, at peace and connected. These moments can be fleeting, but they don’t need to happen every single night in order for them to affect our relationships in the best way.

We are busy developing kitchen tools, writing guides, testing recipes and the like to make all the work around creating these kinds of experiences brainless so you can focus on what matters - the benefit you and your loved ones will gain when we intentionally cultivate these kinds of moments in the rhythm of our lives, consistently.  

If this speaks to you, we hope you’ll join us by following us in this journey. We’ve got so much good stuff in the works for you to help you intentionally cultivate the kinds of mealtimes you truly crave.

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