What's Cooking in 2019?

What's Cooking in 2019?

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Happy New Year!

We want to thank you for being connected to us. Whether you've bought from us in the past, have discovered our products online or even just stumbled upon us from some other channel, we are so happy you have. We have some big stuff coming in 2019 – our goal is to super serve you, yes you, this year.

We, Gramercy Kitchen Co, exist to serve the person who loves to enjoy their lives and the beauty, connection and the presence of those they love over a meal.

Our busy lives can make it difficult to create moments like these often.

We are all busy, too busy, and lacking in the moments that make a quality life. We have plenty to do, plenty of demands and expectations placed on us every single day. So many of us just want a moment to be, to relax, to enjoy our loved ones or taking a moment to breath and be with ourselves. A beautiful meal can help us experience this, but when eating becomes a chore, another task to tick off the ever-growing to do list... we get disconnected from an activity that has the potential to help us enjoy our lives more.

We have curated a line of products that are designed to give you that experience you’re craving, and in 2019 we are going to be crafting loads of helpful recipes, guides and how-to's for how to intentionally make this happen in your everyday life. We've discovered that with a little bit of planning and equipping yourself with the tools you need, you can increase the overall quality of your life. You can show up to create the moments of connection you miss when you hyper-focus on what needs to get done. You can slow down and breathe.

And, with a little bit of our help, you can enjoy delicious food that actually didn't add to the crazy. Because the tools we make and the content we're creating makes food easier (and quicker!) to prepare and makes it taste better. (I know, it sounds too good to be true, but it’s not, keep reading!)

With a little intentionality, you can create this for you and those you love.

At GKC, we are committed to helping you find the way. Walk with us in 2019 and we'll create a new way of life – together.

A little sneak peek into what’s to come:

  • Updates to our best-selling product, the Sous Vide
  • 5 new kitchen products
  • Recipes and meal planning guides
  • Revamped Facebook Community

… and more! We’re so excited to share more with you as we kick off 2019. Want to be the first to know about new product launches, discounts and exclusive content? Join our email list here!

We can’t wait to better serve YOU, our customers, in 2019!

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