The Kitchen Tools You Need In Your Home

The Kitchen Tools You Need In Your Home

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We used to be the people who ate overcooked chicken and steaks at home, never meal prepped because it took SO much time, and just ate food to survive. We knew there was another way to live. Enter sous vide cooking… the seemingly fancy French cooking technique that is helping us change the way we eat.

We want to show other people the other way to eat, a way that is more quick, delicious and easy than anything you’ve experienced before. And, to go with that mission, we’ve curated a line of products that will add ease into every aspect of what you do in the kitchen.

We've thoughtfully curated a line of products specifically designed to make your life easier and more delicious. We've rounded them up below with a little bit of why we think these products will be the perfect addition to your kitchen in 2019.





I know we're biased – but this device is kind of magical. Our machine makes so many kinds of food – using a low and slow method – taste just as good as any high-end restaurant. It allows you to create tasty food with ease as you simply let the machine do the work for you. Just plug it in and the evenly heated water bath takes care of the rest.

New for our machine in 2019 – we’re working on a new feature that would give you the ability to program a delayed start. Ice down your water bath, set the “delay start” timer and your device will go to work by itself – without you ever having to push start. Dinner will be ready for you when you arrive home!
This product is currently out of stock, check back soon!




Our cold smoke infuser adds a quick and easy layer of delicious smoky flavor to your charcuterie board, cheese plate, roast, burger, cocktail – you name it. All you need are a few wood shavings and a dome to catch the smoke. And, if you're using this for a party, you're all set up to wow your party guests with an impressive smoky reveal.




Our tried and true mandoline slicer makes slicing and dicing easy! Our super sharp device slices or juliennes most any type of veggie into any size from paper thin to 9mm – our favorite is how quickly and easily it thinly slices a red onion for the perfect salad topper. Save time with all that veggie prep – and protect your fingers with our additional, free hand-safety bundle.




We've created the most useful set of reusable grocery bags around – using water proof materials to make our bag the only WASHABLE bag with structured sides. The bags will fold out, won't close when you are loading items in, and when the eggs break, you can wash it thoroughly to make your bag good as new. As an added bonus, they look great loaded into your car and will even match your favorite outfit. The design of these bags are trendy as they feature gold tabs and a faux leather logo patch. You’ll look like you’re carrying around high-end luggage to and from the grocery store. We won’t tell anyone how affordable these go-to bags really are.





We've designed a line of beautiful coasters with up-and-coming artist and designer, Amy Anzil. These trendy coasters pair beautiful, modern design along with the functionality of an absorbent coaster. Our coasters will absorb drips and spills – so not only will they make your coffee table stylish, they'll protect them as well. We even include a beautiful wood holder for easy storage.


We've created a super-useful pull out refrigerator drawer you can attach to the bottom of your existing refrigerator. This drawer is easy to install and takes advantage of the dead the space in your fridge, adding to your fridge's unusable space.

This is the perfect place to keep the stuff that easily gets lost in your fridge – snacks for kids, fresh herbs, meats and cheeses. It makes smaller items easily discoverable – no more digging around in your fridge to find that thing.




We're here to bring your taco Tuesday up a notch. Tacos are delicious but can oftentimes be a messy affair. Toppings spilling out everywhere, flopping open losing all the delicious goodness you pack inside... annoying. We've created a useful set of taco holders that keep your tacos upright and the fillings inside. And our taco holders are the only ones with beautiful bamboo accents, so not only will your fiesta nights be more organized, they'll be more beautiful too.




We've put a new spin on this old classic. Our mortar and pestle has all the useful features you expect from a mortar and pestle – it's super high quality stone (granite or marble), heavy enough so it won't slide around, has all the right grooves to make your grinding easy and efficient, with a perfectly sized pestle and a protective pad to protect your counter.

We've added a handy herb stripper to our unit to make the herb prep super easy and quick – make cilantro, chimichurri and anything else that uses fresh herbs in significantly less time. You can have homemade sauces and spices in no time to elevate any and every meal.


We’re so excited to bring all of these products to your home to help make your cooking experience exceptional. In addition to our kitchen gadgets, we have some exciting plans to serve you better in 2019. Everything from downloadable recipes and how-to guides to newsletters and live videos in our Facebook Community.

With a little bit of planning on your side, our aim is to help you create ease, connection and deliciousness in your life.

In 2019, we hope to connect you to yourself and those you love by intentionally managing your kitchen and your meals in ways that make moments. And those moments of connection over a meal we all desire will come as the fruit of this kind of work. We've discovered that with a little bit of planning and resourcing yourself with the tools you need, you can create those moments that matter.

What new product of ours are you looking forward to trying out in 2019?

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