The Gift of Being Present

The Gift of Being Present

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Our screens drive us. In the 10-12 years since the world has begun experiencing the hyper-connectivity made possible by our devices, our attention has shifted in ways we don’t totally know how to control. Ten years ago, people didn’t watch their phones through dinner. They didn’t sit in a room full of loved ones swiping left right and up.

We don’t always know how to manage ourselves and our screens and how the blinking lights of our devices can suck our attention and time before we even know what’s happened.

Our mission is to help people create space for loved ones to enjoy each other over a meal. As part of that, we want to have a tangible symbol of what it means to “turn off” - literally and figuratively and move our attention to those we love.

So, we’ve created something fun. We found some beautiful, phone-sized black velvet drawstring bags. The idea, if you’re drawn in by it, is to place your phone in the bag during any meal time where you want to give the gift of presence to those around you. We all know how to turn our phones off, but we see this little black pouch as a symbolic way of telling ourselves and our loved ones that we value them, that we see them, and we want to do away with any distraction that would prevent us from being fully with them.

So - we have a gift for you. If you love this idea, we’d love to send you one, for free. We just ask that you cover a small shipping charge. You are free to order one for each member of your family - or each member that has a phone at least.

Try this out with us - we’re excited to try digging in to ask a good question, or observe the body language of a loved one, or really hear what someone is saying when a quiet moment at the dinner table would normally drive us to refresh whatever screen we’re on.

Get your bags here, and we’d love to hear how it’s going when you try it. Tag us on Instagram @GramercyKitchenCo and use the hashtag #SundayDinnerChallenge when you do!

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