Summer is Coming: 7 Tips for Eating Outside

Summer is Coming: 7 Tips for Eating Outside

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We at Gramercy Kitchen Co. are counting the days leading up to summer - it’s so close. And while the rest of the country suffered through an unusually long and snowy winter, all that seems a distant memory now that later sunsets, day trips, fireworks and outdoor BBQs are almost upon us.

We also love the experience of eating outside in the summer - whether we’re grilling out or picnicking, it hits the spot.

That said, we know that all this takes some advance planning and prep work. Packing up everything you’ll need, getting the right food and serve ware to survive a night outside - there are a few things to consider to make it as enjoyable for yourself as possible.

So, now that the weather is heating up, and picnic season is upon us, we wanted to arm you with some helpful tips for planning your perfect picnic.

  1. Use melamine plates instead of plastic or paper. They are light, unbreakable - honestly kind of made for taking on the go. Melamine plates hold up to dressed salad, sauces, and other foods that might drip or otherwise make a bit of a mess without flopping around. With these plates being reusable as well, you can rest easy knowing that you’re not adding more waste than you need to after enjoying your outside meal.

  2. Don’t forget the wet wipes! Picnics can be messy and having a few of these around will help clean up any spills or messes that might happen.

  3. Use a mason jar to store homemade salad dressing so the lettuce won’t get soggy. A mason jar sealed up tight is handy because you can shake the dressing if it separates just before it’s ready to serve, as well.

  4. Simple is better - make just a few dishes and make them well. You don’t want too much to carry and manage. Have an easy main course, a salad, some cheese, fruit or crudite for the side. Ice cream or cake is likely to make a mess and insects love them, so some fruit with goat cheese makes a lovely light desert that won’t complicate things.

  5. Don’t forget: sunblock, sunglasses, melamine plates, plastic or bamboo cutlery, bug spray, cooling packs, picnic blanket, and a bag for your trash if you won’t be at a park that has them.

  6. Find the perfect spot. What kind of picnic-er are you? Do you enjoy a beautiful view? Do you have small children who would do well with somewhere to play? Do you live in a naturally beautiful area? Do a little research and decide what you want to enjoy during your picnic. A little planning ahead of time will help you pick your perfect spot, avoid parking nightmares, and make sure everyone coming will have the best time possible.

Above all - enjoy yourself! If for some reason, your picnic isn’t perfect, have fun anyway. Outdoor eating is all about the experience, so if a gust of wind blows dust into your salad, bugs get into the food, or any other number of things - roll with the punches and enjoy the adventure. It’ll make for good stories later, too.

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