Sous Vide 101: Times and Temps

Sous Vide 101: Times and Temps

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What's fun about the sous vide technique is that if you understand how it works, you can get many different types of results out of the same types of food by adjusting the cooking temperature or time. 

There's a ton of room for experimentation and tailoring to get your meals just exactly how you like it. 

If you are new to sous vide, it can take a little bit of this experimenting to get the exact results you're after and to get the hang of the whole process. But, once you experience that first taste of a buttery, perfectly cooked dinner... you'll be obsessed.

With this in mind, we want to provide all our sous vide immersion circulator owners with a handy printable that breaks down all the many ways you can cook various food along with what types of results you can expect.

This handy guide will give you an overview of the times and temperatures you can utilize to create food cooked exactly to your liking. Every time.

Keep in mind, most meats benefit from a last minute pan-sear. Once your meat is done with the sous vide bath, just heat a pan as hot as you can get it. Add some oil and then sear 60-90 seconds on each side. It might get a little smokey, but this should get you a browned, crusty sear for that perfect finish.

Click the picture below to download.

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