How to Meal Plan to Create More Connection at Mealtime

How to Meal Plan to Create More Connection at Mealtime

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We’ve all heard about “meal planning” as it’s a big buzzword right now. It saves time, creates efficiencies, helps you eat healthier vs. swinging by the drive through, etc. but sometimes the connection can be lost over a meal that you heat up in the microwave.

It may seem impossible to sit down for an actual meal with your friends or family at this season of life you’re in. I get it, we’ve been there. I can attest to how hard it is with a busy toddler trying to make that happen (err, did you read about our #SundayDinnerChallenge Fail?). BUT, we have a solution for you that we think will help you with a hectic schedule.

Plan out your week's meal using a meal planning guide. Pick out one or two nights where you'll have a sit down meal and make arrangements ahead of time for what you'll eat. You'll need to make an ingredient list and get all the ingredients you'll need for the week in one grocery trip - grocery delivery services are booming these days to make this extra doable.

When you get the groceries home, clean and prep everything, including getting the meats you'll serve on your sit-down night ready to cook in your sous vide set up and freeze.

Now, you'll have the food prepped and ready for your #sundaydinnerchallenge (or whatever day of the week you choose to participate).

The day of, you'll just need to drop your meat into your sous vide according to the instructions and prep your side dishes.

This creates ease for you on the days when you might otherwise skip having a sit down family meal due to a busy schedule. This method takes a bit of pre-planning but saves huge amounts of time the night of in preparing a beautiful meal to enjoy with your family.

Does meal prep help you to create greater connection with your loved ones?

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