How to upstage the restaurants, avoid the crowds and enjoy Valentines from home with your love

How to upstage the restaurants, avoid the crowds and enjoy Valentines from home with your love

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Sometimes a Valentine’s evening IN is just what the doctor ordered. Maybe fighting the crowds isn’t your idea of a romantic evening? Or the ambiance of home helps you connect better to your partner, or, you love the challenge of crafting a delicious dinner to be enjoyed on a special evening… whatever the case, Valentine’s is a unique opportunity to spend an evening with the one you love and celebrate your relationship. And we want to support you in that with some delicious ideas.

Cooking a big, impressive, romantic meal can be a big undertaking and even detract from your enjoyment of the experience with all the work required. There’s nothing worse than slaving in the kitchen to prepare a special meal and needing a nap when dinner is served after having been on your feet working for the whole afternoon.

Here at Gramercy Kitchen Co, we’re about preparing delicious food with ease and love to create moments of connection over a meal. Spending all day slaving in the kitchen doesn’t have to be part of that equation, yet you can still wow your dinner audience with a truly delicious meal prepared with love.

With that in mind, we’ve created a downloadable guide on how to enjoy a delicious, restaurant-quality Valentine’s meal created at home, with ease. We’ve also thrown in a couple ways you might enjoy preparing this meal with some of our favorite kitchen tools. To finish it off, we’ve added some thoughts about how to really create the moments you hope for with your partner this Valentine’s Day.

The a menu we’ve curated includes all our cozy, seasonal, winter favorites that are certain to impress the one you love. We won’t mention, though, that it wasn’t all that hard...

Download your Valentine's Day Meal Guide here.

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