How to Create Meaningful Moments through Mealtime

How to Create Meaningful Moments through Mealtime

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We believe in connection through mealtime. In our modern world of drive thru convenience, that can be hard to come by. But, with a little intention, creating spaces where we get to experience human connection with our loved ones with a meal as the backdrop is possible.

With this in mind, today is the first day our little family begins a new practice. We are beginning to reinvent a time-honored tradition: Sunday Dinner. We want to reimagine this ritual - where the connections forged in a family was the priority, and the food was pretty good too.

Through this new practice, we have a vision of changing the way our culture regards the way we eat. Eating in our culture takes on many different forms - a hobby, an addiction, a fixation, a necessity, a chore, connection to happier times, predictable pleasure when it's hard to come by in other ways, etc.

But, we want create a pathway for people to experience eating as a way to enjoy what they truly crave beyond mere food - the craving for human connection.

If this at all resonates with you, we would like to invite you into this. Here’s how it works - it’s simple. Make a home-cooked meal for your family - however involved (or not) you’d like it to be. Turn off the tv and put away the phone. Spend the time it takes to finish the meal together being present with your people. No need to force anything uncomfortable, just the rhythm of doing this every week will begin to build a new stream of connection and meaningful conversation into the dynamics you share with your loved ones.

This is a perfect way for a family to enjoy each other, but don’t stop there. Friends can practice this as a group. Groups of families wanting to do life together. Even someone by their self can make a wonderful dinner for themself, turn off their screens and enjoy the experience of mindfully enjoying a meal they cooked just for themself.

We all know that putting together a weekly experience like this takes some work - planning, shopping, recipes… it can be a chore. Our version, however, features the convenience of some amazing modern kitchen tools to make the whole thing almost effortless for you. We are creating recipe guides, shopping lists and developing a line of innovative, beautiful kitchen tools that will create a level of ease in the kitchen you didn’t think possible. All so you can enjoy your loved ones in an unhurried, connected way.

If an experience like this calls to you, we’d like to invite you to join us in this weekly practice, and to remind you that this does take practice and prioritization for this to happen consistently. We are committed to this way of life and we’d love to see you join us! Even if Sunday doesn’t work for you, maybe you Mondays, or Fridays are better. Find a time that works for you and your family or friends. Keep watching this space as we have some exciting things up our sleeve including publishing resources and launching new kitchen tools to serve you in this pursuit.

If you decide to join in, snap a photo (before you put your phone away!) and post it, using the hashtags #sundaydinnerchallenge #meaningfulmoments #mealtimemoments. Tag us @gramercykitchenco to be featured!

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