Bacon Wrapped Dates

Bacon Wrapped Dates

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If you're looking for the perfect appetizer to wow your guests we highly recommend giving this easy recipe a try. Bacon wrapped dates are perfectly sweet and salty and we promise your guests will love them. Plus, there are very few ingredients and you can whip these up super fast.

The Ingredients
1 package of bacon, strips cut into thirds
1 12 oz package of pitted dates
1 6 oz package of whole almonds
1 toothpick for each date

The Method

  1. Take your pitted dates, and in the slice where the pit was removed, tuck an almond inside and squeeze it closed.
  2. Lay out strips of bacon cut into thirds. Take your stuffed dates and roll the bacon around it. Use a toothpick to secure the end of the bacon to the date.
  3. Cook in an oven for 20 minute at 400F. Halfway through, turn the dates so they cook evenly. Remove when cook cycle has completed and serve immediately.

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