9 Farmers Market Tips to Make the Most of Your Visit

9 Farmers Market Tips to Make the Most of Your Visit

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Farmers Market season is here!

Summer has started, and for most of America, that means our access to local, seasonal goodies is here too. Our weekend visit to the Farmers Market is one of our weekly highlights. Getting outside to support local growers and vendors feels great, and the quality of produce can’t be found in a grocery store.

But, if you’re not a regular to your local market, some prep for your trip can’t hurt. It’s a good idea to know what to expect, and how to make the most of your trip.

We’ve rounded up some easy tips for you to consider - knowing these will ensure you have fresh, in-season goodies for your upcoming week.

        1. Plan ahead

What’s in season? What do you want to make this week? Doing a little research ahead will ensure you have the most productive trip. Checking out the website of your market to familiarize yourself with the vendors and their offerings will help too.


       2. Bring Cash

Some farmers market vendors might be early adopters - but most only take cash. Come prepared with a wad.

       3. Make Bulky Purchases Last

Since you’ll be carrying your purchases in a bag, if you want to make a bulk purchase, you’ll want to do that last so you don’t have to haul it for too long.

       4. Bring our Gramercy Kitchen Company reusable grocery bag

Many farmers markets are moving away from disposable plastic these days. We may be biased, but you won’t catch us at a farmers market without our GKC reusable grocery bags. They are the perfect size for carrying a good amount of product. We’re also fairly accustomed to being stopped and folks asking us where we got our beautiful bag. ;) Eco-friendly and beautiful - our favorite combo.

        5. Get Friendly with the Vendors

Ask questions about the produce, ask them what their favorites are, how do the like to use them. All so you can….

        6. Be Adventurous

See something you’ve never seen before? Not sure how to use it? Never a better time to buy something to experiment with than the farmers market. You can talk directly to the person who grew it and get their recommendations for what to do with it. You may discover a new favorite.

       7. Spread the Word

Farmers Markets and their vendors rely on word of mouth to get the word out about what they do. If you enjoy your visit, make sure to tell your friends… or even better, bring them along next time.

       8. Know Your Seasons

It’s good to know what will be available when you go. You don’t want to have your heart set on something delicious if it’s out of season. Google Your local market’s crop calendar and that should give you a full idea of what will be available, and what might not be in season.

       9. Buy in Bulk and Freeze It

You can get some great deals if you’re willing to buy in bulk. Lots of farmers will have tons of ripe fruit and veggies that they need to sell before they go bad. So, if you’re willing to buy a whole flat of blackberries, ask the vendor what kind of deal they can give you. They’ll be grateful for the sale, and you’ll have a ton of your favorite delicious, ripe fruit or veggies for canning, special recipes… whatever sounds good to you.

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